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What To Do If You Smell Gas!

What to do if you smell gas


In this blog we will be exploring what you should do if you smell gas. Many do not know what to do if this happens, but we are here to help!

What does Propane & Butane Gas smell like?

Gas is a naturally odourless substance, which can be very dangerous if not noticed. Manufactures of the gas add an artificial smell to make it more detectable if there is ever a leak. The substance added gives off a strong sulphur like smell, some people describe it as a ‘rotten egg’ smell. This substance is called Mercaptan.

How will I know if my cylinder is leaking?

Are you not sure if you gas cylinder is leaking? Follow the simple steps below to help you answer this question.

  • Purchase a Gas Leak Detector Spray or using washing up liquid and water to create soapy water.
  • Apply this to your gas cylinder where the valve and inlet of the regulator connect.
  • Slowly open the cylinder valve.
  • If you hear gas escaping or see bubbles forming, then you have a leak.

If you smell or hear gas escaping when you turn the cylinder valve on or have bubbles form when you do the steps about, then turn your gas cylinder valve off. You should call your retailer because they will instruct you on what you should do with your gay cylinder.