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Unusual Products used in LPG!

Unusual Products LPG Is Used in!

This blog we will be diving into the world of LPG and some of the unusual product’s LPG is used in. 

Natural Gas & LPG

Natural Gas is one of the world’s favourite fuels, but you can’t use it just anywhere. There’s a very simple way to enjoy the benefits of gas even when normal piped supplies are out of reach, you can convert to LPG which is stored in a tank, canister, or bottle.

Main uses of LPG!

As you may already know Propane can be used in homes as a main fuel source for heating, cooking and other reasons, mainly during winter.

You can also buy reusable gas cylinders for powering Standalone Stoves, Heaters, Barbecues, and outdoor patio heaters.

The rest of LPG is split between Cars, Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial uses.

Unusual Products used in LPG!

Did you know, there are roughly 20 million vehicles worldwide running on LPG and about 70,000 Gas filling stations worldwide supplying the fuel?

There are different industries which use LPG in unusual products, for example, you can purchase small gas cylinders to use in portable hair care appliances, such as hair curlers.

The Aerosol Industry uses LPG because it is environmentally friendly, it has become the replacement for the ozone depleting CFC gases that were used before in Aerosols.

LPG is widely used in the food industry: restaurants, hotels, bakeries and holiday resorts, all use LPG in their jobs daily. LPG has low sulphur content and controllable temperature, which makes it the most preferred fuel in the food industry.

Textile Industry use LPG for singeing of yard, cotton, silk, and infrared drying of cloth. Did you know that steam is also generated using the LPG fired boiler?

Finally, the Glass and Ceramic Industry, the process of manufacturing glass and ceramics is complicated by several chemical reactions that occur during the process. Glass melting is a huge operation and needs a large supply of heat. Since LPG is one of the cleanest fuels, it increases the product quality and reduces technical problems relating to the manufacturing activities.


In conclusion, there could be products in your daily life which you are not aware use LPG. We recommend you look around your workplace or places you visit and see if you can spot the items which are used for LPG.