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LPG Cars have been creeping into the market recently, but have you wondered if these cars are reliable?

What Is an LPG Car?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in a liquefied form. LPG is a colourless, low carbon and highly efficient fuel.

To create an LPG Car, a large tank (often 100 litres) is fitted to the boot of a car. A pipe runs the full length of the car, one side is fitted to the LPG tank and the other is attached to the Petrol engine.

LPG gas runs through the vehicles system just like petrol. When you run out of LPG gas, then your car will automatically switch to petrol.  

Facts about LPG Cars

Listed below are some facts you may find interesting about LPG Cars.

  • Driving on LPG is safe and easy.
  • Tests completed in Holland concluded that LPG vehicles are safer in an accident then petrol cars.
  • You have 3 times longer to evacuate a burning car than a petrol car.
  • LPG Cars warm up faster than petrol cars.
  • LPG is a clearer burning fuel.
  • Engine life is extended, and no damage is caused to the engine.
  • LPG burns in the same way petrol does.
  • Diesel Cars can not be converted to LPG.
  • LPG fuel is known as Autogas.
  • LPG fuel is cheaper than petrol and diesel.
  • LPG reduces CO2 emissions.
  • LPG engines are quieter than diesel engines.
  • LPG Cars are expensive to install.
  • LPG cars have no noticeable difference in the way they drive.
  • LPG Cars are greener for the environment.
  • LPG adds more weight to the car.
  • Cost of LPG Fuel is less than the cost of petrol.


In conclusion, we believe that LPG Cars are becoming the ‘chosen cars. They are better for the environment and for the car’s life span. Your car will run smoother, quieter, and cheaper. If you are interested, then do not just take our word, do your own research, and find some more reasons to convert your car.