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Keeping your BRING3 clean & in good working order!

Keeping your BRING3 clean & good working order!

In this blog we will be learning how to take action when you come up against a common issue, how to test for leaks, what to do to keep your boiling ring clean, how to service your boiling ring and how to troubleshoot. 

What is a BRING3?

Our Triple Burner Boiling Ring is the perfect catering gas burner and is an ideal burner for outdoor environments. Below you will find the description of our BRING3 and a picture.

  • Triple Burner Cast Iron Boiling Ring
  • 9.8kw (33,438 btu/hr) capacity Boiling Ring
  • Burner Outside Ring Diameter: 7"
  • Operates on 37mbar, Propane or 28mbar, Butane
  • 4 Cast Iron Legs for Support
  • 3 Control Taps
  • 8mm Hose Tail Outlet
  • Optional gas hose and propane regulator

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Why is my BRING3 Flame Flashing Back?

If your burner control valve is not opened sufficiently or when the LPG cylinder is almost empty, the ignition may cause the flame to flash back into the burner tube, which is towards the nozzle.

If this flash happens when igniting, proceed as follows:

  • Close the gas supply to the burner with the relevant control valve of the burner.
  • Let vent the residual gas from the burner off (at least 20 seconds).
  • Check if there is gas in the LPG Cylinder and replace it, if necessary.
  • Re-ignite the burner.

How to test and control a Gas Leak

When someone says gas leak, I know how nervous a lot of people get by this. But never fear, IGas Direct is here! Follow these simple instructions below:

  • Open the cylinder valve by turning the knob to the left and inspect for gas leaking around the gas distribution joints using a foaming solution (I would recommend soapy water). Gas leakage shows as bubble forming at the site of leakage.
  • If the burner is not used immediately after the leak test, close the cylinder valve.
  • Never perform a leak test with an open flame!
  • This leak test should be performed in an outdoor environment
  • In the case of a gas leak, close the cylinder valve and the control valves of the burner. All open fire in the vicinity should be extinguished and all the electrical appliances should be turned off.
  • Disconnect the burner from the LPG cylinder.
  • The appliance must be checked and repaired before use. If you are not able to determine the cause of leakage, contact your local gas trader.
  • If the gas leak is not possible be stopped, transfer the LPG cylinder out into an open, well-ventilated area and consult your gas supplier.
  • If there is a gas leak in a room when storing, make sure that the room is properly ventilated.

How to clean my BRING3

Keep your BRING3 dry and clean. Always perform the appliance maintenance at regular intervals, in the case of reduced performance, in the case of greater contamination and when necessary. Cleaning and maintenance may be carried out only when the burner is off, fully cooled and disconnected from the LPG cylinder.

Clean the burner without using abrasive products. Do not clean the appliance with flammable or corrosive detergents. If the burner openings are dirty, clean them with a brush. Check the condition of the connecting hose visually or by touch. In the case of bulging, cracks, tears, or other deterioration, you must immediately replace it with a new one!

For safety reasons, it is advisable for the user to carry out a simple leak test of the connecting hose at regular intervals (at least once a month and after each LPG cylinder replacement) to find out any leaks early to prevent the flare-up of leaking gas. The hose leak test can be performed, for example, by successively stretching the entire length of the hose in the water container while monitoring the possible gas leak in the form of bubbles. During the test, the hose must be under reduced pressure from the LPG cylinder (open the cylinder valve on the LPG cylinder and close the control valve on the burner).

How to service your BRING3

For trouble-free and safe operation, it is advisable to carry out a regular service inspection of the appliance. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out occasional supervision during the operation of the appliance. The frequency of inspections and checks is governed by the applicable legislation of the country, where the appliance is used. At least once a year, perform a thorough inspection of the appliance (visual inspection, cleaning and maintenance, leak test and check of appliance functionality) and replace all sealing elements every 2 years.

How to troubleshoot your BRING3

When troubleshooting, the individual parts of the appliance must be disassembled and assembled, the appliance must be switched off, allowed to cool completely, and disconnected from the LPG cylinder.

If you do not feel so technically capable and some of the activities listed in this blog for troubleshooting would represent difficulties for you, please contact your local gas seller or contact your seller.

Below are some failures and how to troubleshoot your BRING3 when this problem happens.

  • When is the burner connected to the LPG cylinder and leaking is felt?
  • Ensure that all joints are tightened properly. If the leakage persists, check the correct position and seal conditions (seal in the union nut of the regulator). Further, check the condition of the connecting hose.
  • The burner is not igniting and/or the flame goes out?
  • Check the filling status of the LPG cylinder. Then, check the nozzle condition. If the nozzle is clogged, try to clean it with a bent thin wire. If necessary, unscrew the nozzle, clean it with a piercing needle (fine wire), and wash it with technical gasoline. If the nozzle cannot be cleaned in this way, replace it with a new one.
  • Reduced burner performance?
  • If the burner is operating with interruption for a long time, there may be a rapid drop in the cylinder pressure, resulting in a reduction in the performance and frosting of the cylinder surface. In this case, use a second spare cylinder ad allow the first bottle to warm up to ambient temperature before using it again.
  • Contamination with boiling food?
  • Clean the accessible parts of the burner with water.

If you require more information about your BRING3, which we have not covered then please contact us and we will be happy to help.