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Introducing LPG Products To Your Business

Introducing LPG Products To Your Business

Thinking of expanding your business into a new area? LPG products have complemented many varieties of businesses across the UK and exploring if this is a viable option for you is a great idea too. We’ll talk about what LPG is, where LPG is commonly used, and gas products you should consider stocking. 

What is LPG?

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a flammable fuel commonly used in heating and cooking equipment. It is a hydrocarbon gas which exists in a liquid form and is supplied in two ways; Propane and Butane.

As a natural by-product of gas and oil extraction, LPG is a much more environmentally friendly fuel type. It is also known that liquified petroleum gas produces 33% less CO2 than coal and is the lowest carbon conventional fuel available to domestic and commercial customers without access to mains gas.

Where Can LPG Be Used?

  • Catering: LPG is a fantastic fuel source for street food and mobile catering companies. Often these businesses don’t have access to mains electric or gas so LPG provides them with a portable, fast solution. Low pressure regulators, gas hose assemblies, automatic changeover valves and gas cooking equipment are all popular with this type of customer.

  • Construction: Just like a catering company, construction sites don’t always have access mains gas or electric. They’ll use the LPG gas cylinders for heating sites with Propane heaters as well as using high powered burners for road maintenance or roofing work. Gas torch kits are extremely popular with roofing contractors and companies who use thermoplastic road markings paint.

  • Agriculture: LPG is being used more regularly within agricultural settings. Weed control, irrigation and grain and fruit drying are some of the common ways LPG equipment can be used in this industry.

  • Camping, Caravan & Leisure: This is a big industry for anyone involved in the LPG market. Do you have a camping or caravan site near your business? Camping lamps, portable stoves and replacement gas cartridges are popular, as well as basic LPG products, such as Propane and Butane regulators, pigtails and gas hose.

  • Rural Homes: It’s important for people living in rural areas to have the ability to heat and cook in their homes. Often customers fit an automatic or manual changeover valve system to the outside of their homes which provides them with a good supply of Propane gas.

Key LPG Products

What LPG Products Should I Stock?

  • Gas Hose: The most common item people require is gas hose to fit to their gas appliances. There are different sizes of LPG hose but 8mm high pressure orange hose is the most likely the one your customer will require. The hose must conform to BS3212 standards and be stamped with the date of manufacture. Customers will need to replace their hose at least every 5 years or earlier if showing signs of damage.

  • Low Pressure Propane Regulators: Many types of gas equipment require a low-pressure Propane regulator. We’d recommend stocking a 37mbar, 1.5kg/hr regulator as this fits a multitude of different appliances. (see pic of regulator below) This regulator has a UK POL fitting which connects to a Calor gas Propane cylinder and an 8mm hose nozzle for connection with the gas hose. You may need a higher capacity regulator for customers using multiple gas appliances. These low-pressure regulators also come as a 4kg/hr and 7kg/hr.

  • Low Pressure Butane Regulators: For customer using Butane gas the 21mm clip on regulator is the most popular. This type of regulator is often used with infra-red cabinet heaters and is mostly sold during the winter months.  For caravan and camping equipment, a 28mbar Screw on or Camping Gas style regulator will often be the favourable choice.  

  • High Pressure Propane Regulators: For construction gas equipment, such as high-powered burners and roofing torch kits, you’ll need to consider a high-pressure Propane regulator. The adjustable 0.5 – 4 bar, 8kg/hr Propane regulator has a UK POL fitting x 3/8” Male Left hand thread. You can then fit either a 6mm or 8mm hose nozzle onto the end if needed.

It’s important you don’t supply a high-pressure regulator with a low-pressure piece of LPG equipment, as this can result in the appliances seals being blown out and ultimately resulting in a gas leak. Always ask for advice if you are unsure. 

More Advanced LPG Products

What Other LPG Products Could Be popular? 

  • Torch Kit: Used in construction, roofing, road maintenance and weed burning, gas torch kits are a highly versatile product. There are a lot of different sized gas torches and you can opt for either a premium or economy range, depending on what you want to spend and what you think your customer will require. We stock the Brenner gas torch kit range. The most popular torch we sell is the E929T economy roofing torch. This economy torch has a 60mm burner head, 600mm neck, handle with trigger and 3 metres of high-pressure gas hose with an adjustable high-pressure Propane regulator.

  • Burners: Cast iron burners are often used by street food and catering companies but are also used by scout groups, campers, construction sites and the general public as BBQ’s. There are a few different sized gas burners available. Opting for a burner with a thermocouple safety feature is a good option. The BRINGL burner has this safety device fitted, as well as a piezo ignition system for easy lighting! It has a square stamped steel frame and a 7.5kw/hr cast iron burner.

Gas Cylinder Help Chart

Here’s a couple of helpful charts explaining the different types of bottled gas available, the regulators they use and kind of equipment used with them!

By introducing LPG into your business, you have the potential to reach a whole new range of customers. If you’re thinking of selling the gas bottles and cylinders (or perhaps you already do) then having LPG equipment in stock can really complement your business. Often customers who purchase LPG products will return to the same store for their cylinder refills, which in turn develops a stronger customer relationship and can equate to more sales!

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