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Propane Gas Torch Kits

Propane Gas Torch Kits

Gas torch kits can be used for a variety of different reasons. We’ll explore the different uses and be talking about all the essential information you’ll need if you’re buying and using a Propane gas burner torch.

 What Can Torch Kits Be Used For? 

  • Roofing: Most commonly you’ll find a roofing contractor using gas torch kits for laying felt on a flat roof. It’s a very effective way to completely seal the roof from potential leaks.

  • Gardening: It’s fast becoming very popular for torch kits to be used in the gardening world to get rid of pesky weeds. This newer method of weed removal is environmentally friendly and is a fast way to target individual weeds or large areas.

  • Thermoplastic Markings: Thermoplastic road marking paint, also referred to as hot melt marking paint, requires direct heat to adhere it to the surfaces. This is often achieved with a gas burner torch kit.

  • Ice Melting: During the winter months, some people use these torch kits to clear pathways, reducing their risk of slipping in the icy weather.

What are the different types of torch kits available?

  • Economy: Economy torch kits are now extremely popular. They are often a lot cheaper than branded premium kits such as Sievert but they still do the same job. Your torch will probably come with a shorter length of gas hose and it’s common for the burner, neck and handle to be pre-fixed together, meaning spares aren’t really an option should you snap the lance or break a connection, but for the price, you could buy a few economy gas burners for the same price of one premium branded torch. Our most popular economy torch is our E929T Brenner single head torch kit, which comes complete with 3 metres of high-pressure hose and a high-pressure adjustable Propane regulator.

  • Premium: Most torch kit brands will offer a premium Propane burner kit. With our premium Brenner range, we have a wider choice of neck tubes and burner sizes, meaning we can create more variety of torch kits for our customers. The propane torches come with 5m metres of high-pressure LPG hose and a high-pressure adjustable Propane regulator, so the kit is ready to use. Some of our premium range torches also have a swivel attachment on the end of their handles, preventing your gas hose from kinking when in use. Spares are also an option for this type of torch kit. Replacement gas burner heads, neck tubes and handles are all available to purchase.

  • Multi-head: If you’re needing to cover a wide surface area, a multi-headed torch is a great option. They can come with 2, 3 or 4 burners.

  • Self-Igniting: You can also find self-igniting torch kits which have a piezo ignition system fitted to them. Cut the hassle out of lighting your torch with a flint spark lighter by purchasing one of these kits. We have recently introduced a new self-igniting piezo torch kit to our product range and it’s been extremely popular!

Troubleshoot Your Gas Torch Burner

I can smell gas from my torch kit.

When receiving a torch kit, it’s important to check the connections before use as the movements in transit could cause problems. Make sure all connections are tight and sections such as the burner heads are not swivelling around. If you do find a connection has loosened, you can carefully nip this back up using a spanner. 

Never check for leaks with a naked flame! Always use a soapy solution or gas leak detection fluid. If you see bubbles forming around a connection, immediately turn off and disconnect the torch from the cylinder.


Why does my torch kit have an orange flame? 

A healthy gas flame on your torch kit will burn steadily and be blue in colour but if that flame isn't getting enough oxygen it will appear yellow or orange.

If your torch kit isn’t giving you a blue flame when you press the handles control lever, you may wish to check these options.

  • Is your gas cylinder running low on Propane? If your bottle of gas is near to empty, you won’t be getting enough gas pressure for a strong blue flame. 

  • Do you have a blockage? As these kits are often used in environments with soil, grit and tar, you can find that particles block the torches air holes, preventing the Oxygen from mixing with the gas to give you a good flame.  


What type of gas cylinder do I need?

Gas torch kits run on Propane gas cylinders. Most commonly people will use either a 19kg or 47kg sized bottle.

Where can I get a gas cylinder from?

Most local gas shops, garden centres or garages can supply you with a Propane gas cylinder. Remember to check the regulator you have will fit the cylinders connection.

What regulator should I use with my torch kit and gas cylinder?

Most torch kits will be supplied with a length of high-pressure gas hose and a high-pressure Propane regulator. These regulators should have a UK POL 5/8” thread which will screw directly into the Propane Calor gas cylinders.

To make sure you get the best out of your gas torch kit, we supply our large Brenner torch kits with a 0.5 – 4bar adjustable high-pressure Propane regulator. This gives you an 8kg/hr capacity at 4bar. 

How hot does a Propane torch kit get? 

Every type of kit is different, but our E929T economy roofing torch has the capability to reach temperatures of up to 2000°C.

Where can I buy spare parts for my torch kit?

I Gas Direct has a selection of gas torch spare parts and accessories. Replacement gas hose assemblies and regulators are most common, but we also stock a range of gas burners, neck tubes and handles.

Because there are quite a few different styles and brands of torch kits, it’s worth checking the connections on your current torch will be compatible with the spare parts. Sievert and Grun are two popular brands of Propane torches and I Gas Direct are always happy to talk to you further if you are unsure of what to purchase.

Helpful Safety Guidelines

  • Check the connections on your torch kit are tight before use.
  • Both the gas hose and gas regulator must be replaced at least every 5 years, but you’ll need to continually keep checking for wear and damage. Using a damaged hose or regulator could result in a serious gas leak. Good news! The hose and regulators are often easily replaced and at a low cost.
  • Keep the alight torch kit away from flammable materials.
  • Remember to follow the manufacturers guidelines.

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