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Different Industries which Benefit from LPG!

Different Industries which Benefit from LPG!

This blog we will be exploring into the way LPG can benefit different industries worldwide. 

The Main Three Industries!

While I was doing me research, I came across three main industries which use LPG. The three industries are:

  • Domestic: LPG Can be used for Cooking and Heating Water in homes.
  • Commercial: Cooking in Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, and Institutions.
  • Industrial Applications: Heating treatment, Construction Sites.

I continued to do more research into how each industry can benefit from LPG. In the next paragraph we will go into more detail.

How does LPG Benefit Industries?

There are thousand businesses worldwide and they all come under a specific industry, but each industry can benefit from LPG in one way or another. Let’s investigate the different industries and how LPG benefits them.

Manufacturing – Many manufacturing facilities use Propane to power generators and vehicles. Plastic manufactures use Gas and Refrigerators manufactures also use Propane gas as a refrigerant.

Warehouse – Many warehouses use Propane-powered forklifts for material handling operations since it’s an efficient and clean-burning fuel source. It is the most reliable gas for indoor forklifts and for Space Heaters.

Agricultural Drying – Farmers use Propane in Crop Drying, Irrigation Pumps and Flame Weeding.

Camping, Caravan & Leisure – This is a big industry for anyone involved in the LPG Market. LPG Gas is mostly used for heating a caravan or cooking.

Printing Press Applications – To facilitate the drying process, printing companies use hot Propane gas to dry ink on paper, glassine, cellophane, and aluminium foil. Propane gas is used to burn off printing rolls.

Catering – Fuel source for street food and mobile catering companies. Often these businesses don’t have access to mains electric or gas, so LPG provides them with the best and fast solution.

Metal Melting – LPG is used in metal melting industries because it burns at a high temperature.

Construction – Just like a catering company. Construction sites don’t always have access to mains gas or electric. They’ll use an LPG Gas cylinder for heating sites with Propane Heaters as well as using high powered burners for road maintenance or roofing work.


In conclusion, we believe that no matter which industry you work in, there is a high possibility that you work with LPG Gas, and you don’t know it. We hope that this blog has helped you understand which industries can benefit from using LPG.